Playing Time Management

CLBL's playing time rules are one of the cornerstones upon which our league is built.  These rules ensure that all players get the opportunity to play and compete in every game.  We consider these rules to be among our most critical and want to make sure that coaches fully understand and comply with them.

Prior planning is the key to success in managing playing time.  Read through and acquaint yourself with the section of your rules covering playing time (3.1, PLAYING TIME RULES).  Before your game, map out your player rotations and ensure that they conform to three basic rules when you have seven or more players available:

  • Starting with the 2022-2023 season, the playing time rules have returned to their pre-COVID state, and are keyed on actual full quarters
  • For teams with seven (7) or more players, every player must play at least one (1) full quarter* per half
  • For teams with seven (7) or more players, every player must sit out at least one (1) full quarter* per game

* One full quarter means the complete game quarter (e.g. first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, and fourth quarter); it DOES NOT mean the last 3 min of one quarter and the first 3 minutes of the next quarter

There are different limitations with six (6) players or less, of course.  In order to make this as easy as possible, the league has provided below a playing time template that you can download and use to build your lineups each week, as well as an Excel workbook explaining multiple playing time scenarios for teams with 7 or more players. WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE ALL COACHES USE THE TEMPLATE TO CREATE PLAYING TIME SHEETS FOR EACH GAME, TO ENSURE EQUITABLE PLAYING TIME DISTRIBUTION, HAPPIER PLAYERS AND PARENTS, AND ELIMINATE THE RISK OF PLAYING TIME VIOLATIONS.