MS Travel League


PRCS oversees and runs the Loudoun County Middle School Travel League, although players must register with their respective leagues based upon where they reside and what school they attend / would feed into. Each middle school in Loudoun County may field up to five (5) teams (Boys 6th Grade Travel, Boys Junior Varsity Travel, Boys Varsity Travel, Girls Junior Varsity Travel, and Girls Varsity Travel) that compete against the other Loudoun County middle school teams in their divisions on Sunday afternoons and evenings. CLBL's travel teams represent Harper Park, J.L. Simpson, and Smarts Mill Middle Schools.

Middle School Coaches - 2023-2024

Harper Park
Boys 6th Grade: Jonas Roberts
Boys Junior Varsity: Tom Green
Boys Varsity: Dave Kirk
Girls Varsity: Mike Koutsourais

Boys 6th Grade: Greg Mayo
Boys Junior Varsity: Pete Tewksberry
Boys Varsity: Geoff Weikel
Girls Junior Varsity: Kyle Clayton
Girls Varsity: Bill Daughtrey

Smarts Mill
Boys 6th Grade: Brian Blubaugh
Boys Junior Varsity: Matt D’anna
Boys Varsity: Matt Dickersheid
Girls Varsity: Lenny McDonald

This league is designed for more competitive play, and is a select-style league. Unlike in the House League, roster spots are limited and playing time is not guaranteed.

Players wanting to participate in any of the PRCS MS travel teams run via CLBL must register in the MS House League via the league website at

The registration fee is $180. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify, with details related to financial aid available here. Please contact the Director of Registration if you need registration assistance, need financial aid, or have any other questions related to registration.

Tryouts: Tryouts are by invitation only, based on how players perform during house league skills evaluations. Players may only try out for the middle school they attend / would attend; if a potential travel player is home-schooled or attends private/parochial school, that player may only try out for the middle school into which he/she would feed if he/she attended public school. The Loudoun County Public School Attendance Boundaries tool can help to confirm which school your child would attend, if you are unsure.


Uniforms: Players selected to one of the travel teams will be required to purchase travel uniforms; each new player will need to purchase, at minimum, a reversible game uniform (jersey and shorts). We make every effort to keep the cost of these uniforms in the vicinity of $100. Once teams are selected, uniform sizing sessions will be scheduled for all teams. We STRONGLY encourage that all new players attend to ensure that uniforms are properly sized. Uniforms can be used over multiple seasons, and individual components (shorts and/or jerseys) can be purchased as players outgrow them, if needed. Additional team apparel (sweatshirts, shooter shirts, backpacks, etc.) can be purchased as well. Travel players that received financial aid at registration will be given financial assistance with the purchase of their uniforms at the same percentage rate as their registration aid (e.g. a player selected to a travel team that receives registration aid defraying 50% of registration fees will also be given aid that defrays 50% of their travel uniform fees.

The Coach Selection Process document will be made available on this page once it has been updated for the 2023-2024 season.

Schedules and standings for the 2023-2024 season will be available via the PRCS WebTrac site; we will, however, link / embed the standing data from PRCS' site on the CLBL website.

Travel league rules for the 2023-2024 season will also be posted once they have been received from PRCS.


Simpson Boys Varsity (Regular Season Champion)
Harper Park Boys 6th Grade (Regular Season Champion)
Simpson Girls Varsity (Regular Season Runner Up)


Simpson Boys Junior Varsity (Playoff Tournament Champion)
Simpson Girls Varsity (Playoff Tournament Runner Up)
Simpson Girls Junior Varsity (Playoff Tournament Runner Up)


ALL travel head coaches are expected to submit game reports after ALL games - regardless of result.

In addition to being the required means for the reporting of all technical fouls, game reports are the primary mechanism for coaches to provide feedback on all aspects of games - the officiating, their opposing coaches, fan behavior, facility issues, and so on.  These game reports are received and reviewed directly by our officiating association, our travel directors, our officiating director, our conduct director, and several others.  In 2020 - 2021, it was also used to help us track attendees at our games, in the event that spectator data was needed for contact tracing purposes.

A basic game report can be completed in < 2 minutes, and even a detailed game report should take < 10 minutes to complete.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation in getting these game reports submitted on a weekly basis.