CLBL Scholarship Programs

CLBL annually offers two (2) unique scholarships for current and past players who will be attending college next year.  The details and application requirements for each scholarship will be linked below.

Submissions are due by midnight on Sunday, March 3, 2024

All Scholarship Applications for the CLBL Scholarship Program will be entered through the following form:

CLBL Scholarship Application Submission Form

Questions?  Please e-mail


Can I apply for both scholarships?

Yes - you can apply for one scholarship, or you can apply for both.  You have the opportunity on the application form to choose which scholarship you intend to pursue and then provide the necessary documentation.  Do note that you can only win one scholarship!

What is the difference between the two scholarships?

Most of the requirements are the same.  However, the Chopivsky Scholarship has a requirement to demonstrate how you have improved our community through acts of service, while the Hauptman Scholarship has a requirement to explain how CLBL and basketball have had a positive impact on your life.