CLBL is proud to offer a Youth Coach Development Program, giving High School and Middle School students opportunities to join our coaching staff.  We work to position each youth coach in a situation in which they can succeed, developing the skills and confidence to grow as a coach, a leader, and a volunteer in their community. CLBL provides training both in how to teach the skills of basketball, and in how to best communicate and connect with the players to motivate them to achieve their best.

  • Middle School Students:   Will serve as assistant coaches to adult head coaches
  • High School Students:  Can serve as assistant coaches, or can apply to be selected to serve as a head coach (requires additional interview)


Program participants ...

  • will learn great skills in leadership, management, planning, communications, developing strategies, mentoring, acting with character in tough situations, etc.
  • will improve their own game skills
  • can receive credit for a tremendous number of community service hours, especially if they are in a service organization at school (applicability varies between schools and programs)
  • will gain experience that looks great on college applications and scholarship applications, job applications, etc., as they are demonstrating a high level of responsibility and leadership
  • will better understand the positive role they can play in the lives of others (whether they realize it or not, they already do!)
  • will have never had so much fun learning so many important skills!!!!


  • Youth assistant coaches will be assigned to teams at grade levels that are at least 2 grades younger than their own (e.g. a youth coach in the 6th grade can be assigned to teams in the 4th grade or lower)
  • Youth head coaches will be assigned to teams at grade levels that are at least 4 grades younger than their own (e.g. youth coaches in their 12th grade year can be assigned to teams in 8th grade or lower)
  • All youth coaches: It is a REQUIREMENT that someone 18 year of age or older and registered with the league be at all team activities (practices and games).  This is NOT optional. If you are under 18, you can have an adult head/assistant coach, or have a parent who will be at all events anyway register as an assistant (does not need to actually coach, but will be officially responsible.)  This is a PRCS requirement and is necessary for safety and liability. You don't need to have this person identified at registration, but this must be addressed before the first team practice.  The "responsible adult" will be required to consent to a background check by the league.
  • Any exceptions to the team assignment guidelines above will be made by the Director of Youth Coaching.


Youth coach registration uses its own dedicated registration, separate from the adult coach registration (where coaches are automatically connected to their child).  Youth coaches register and are placed in the pool of candidate coaches, and while they are able to register for a preferred division, they are assigned to positions throughout the league based on where the coaching vacancies / needs are.  Registrants can provide details regarding any preferences on where they would like to coach, preferred alternate grade levels, boys only, girls only, etc. and we will do our best to accommodate those requests if we cannot place them in the division that they have registered in. We also ask for your experience in the sport of basketball, and any experience leading children (camp counselor, Sunday school teacher, tutoring, etc.) to ensure we know all we can to place you in a position to succeed. If you have no experience leading children, that’s fine. You will be placed with a head coach that will help develop those skills!

You can use the link at the bottom of this page to register to participate as a Youth Coach for the 2023-2024 CLBL season.


Please contact Earl Eck, Director of Youth Coaching, at