CLBL is for boys and girls grades 1 - 12 that reside in the Heritage, Loudoun County, and Tuscarora High School feeder districts and are currently enrolled in public, parochial or private school (or are being home-schooled). Players in kindergarten and pre-K are not eligible to play in CLBL; however, leagues that provide opportunities for these age levels may be found in the Player Development > Basketball Programs area.

Players that live outside our feeder districts are welcome to register to play in CLBL, with the caveats that a) such players are not eligible for financial assistance and b) if we have a shortfall of coaches and cannot accommodate all players registered, players from our feeder districts would be given priority for placement.

Registration must be completed via the Register page on the CLBL website. After the close dates shown in the "Important Dates" tab, please contact our registrar for registration instructions.

All CLBL coaching staff (i.e. head coach or assistant coach) must register via the Register page on the CLBL website and consent to a background check. If you have questions about coaching, please contact our directors of coaching at Please note: late registrants and/or children not attending an evaluation are not guaranteed placement on a team.

Please contact our Registrar at if you need registration assistance, need financial aid, or have other questions related to the registration process. Paper checks are not a valid option for payment.

No refunds will be granted once the player draft process commences. Refund requests must be made via e-mail to our Registar prior to the start of player drafts.

A $25/player processing fee will be subtracted from all requested refunds.