CLBL is for boys and girls grades 3-12 that reside in the Heritage, Loudoun County & Tuscarora High School districts and are currently enrolled in school. Click here for further details.

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Calendar of Events 2014-2015 (subject to change)
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 Winner of the PCA "Honor the Game" award
  • House League Skills Evaluation: Now posted
  • PCA Child Abuse PreventionVideo series to help prevent child abuse
  • Scorebook & Clock Videos: Two videos showing how to use the clock and book - sample book

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Registration closes (grades 3-8)
House league skills evaluations start (grades 3-8)
House league skills evaluations end (grades 3-8)
House league drafts start (grades 3-8)
House league drafts end (grades 3-8)
House league team selections announced (grades 3-8)
House league team practices start (grades 3-8)
Scrimmage Day (grades 3-8)
HS league registration closes
House league games (grades 3-8) start
House league regular season ends (grades 3-8)
House league playoffs start (grades 3-8)
House league playoffs championship weekend (grades 3-8)
Loudoun Basketball Charity Classic practices start
Loudoun Basketball Charity Classic starts
Loudoun Basketball Charity Classic ends