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Youth House League

The Youth House League is comprised of the Elementary School House League program (for boys in grades 1 through 5 and girls in grades 1 through 4) and the Middle School House League program (for boys in grades 6 through 8 and girls in grades 5 through 8).  All on-time registrants will be placed on a team - as long as we have an adequate number of coaches registered and approved to support the number of players registered.  All house league players must attend a skills evaluation; dates are announced via e-mail and posted on the league calendar.  Evaluations are typically conducted in mid- to late September, with team drafts held in October. The elementary school and middle school house leagues encourage the teaching of strong fundamentals and equitable playing time for all players.  There are playing time rules in place to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to play - for example, on a team with 8 players, everyone is guaranteed to play no less than 50% and no more than 75% of the game when all 8 players play.

Practices typically begin the second week of November, and games are played on Saturdays, beginning in mid- to late November.  Teams will play 10 regular season games (weather permitting), with all teams participating in the single-elimination playoff tournament at season's end.

To maximize available playing time, we set a target team size of 8 players per team - though if we have a shortage of coaches, we may set team sizes higher to reasonably accommodate the players registered.  The 1st and 2nd grade leagues may have larger team sizes (9 to 10 players) to ease the management of playing time rotations for those divisions, but we otherwise do make every effort to meet the 8 player per team target.

Players wanting to participate in any of the CLBL youth house leagues must register via Sport Ngin at The registration fee is $160. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify, with details related to financial aid available here.  Late registrants are not guaranteed placement on a team and pay an additional $50 per player Late Fee. Please contact the Director of Registration if you need registration assistance, need financial aid, or have other questions related to the registration process.
For further information regarding the elementary school leagues, please contact our Elementary School House League program directors at
For information regarding the middle school leagues, please contact our Middle School House League program directors at