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There are CLBL-specific rules for the house, travel and HS leagues.  Please acquaint yourself with and pay special attention to the sections on "Playing Time Rules" and "Code of Conduct" in the CLBL rules.  These rules are for the 2019-2020 season. The CLBL rules are available for download below.  PRCS Rules for the MS Travel League will be placed here when available.


CLBL's playing time rules are one of the cornerstones upon which our league is built.  These rules ensure that all players get the opportunity to play and compete in every game.  We consider these rules to be among our most critical and want to make sure that coaches fully understand and comply with them. 

Prior planning is the key to success in managing playing time.  Read through and acquaint yourself with the section of your rules covering playing time (3.1, PLAYING TIME RULES).  Before your game, map out your player rotations and ensure that they conform to three basic rules when you have seven or more players available:

  • The playing time rules are keyed to actual full quarters played, not the equivalent cumulative minutes played (e.g. playing someone three minutes per quarter in all four quarters when a team has 7 players or more available is not in compliance with our playing time rules)
  • Every player must play at least one (1) full quarter per half
  • Every player must sit out at least one (1) full quarter per game

There are different limitations with six (6) players or less, of course.  In order to make this as easy as possible, the league has provided below a playing time template that you can download and use to build your lineups each week, as well as an Excel workbook explaining multiple playing time scenarios for teams with 7 or more players. WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE ALL COACHES USE THE TEMPLATE TO CREATE PLAYING TIME SHEETS FOR EACH GAME, TO ENSURE AN EQUITABLE PLAYING TIME DISTRIBUTION AND HAPPIER PLAYERS AND PARENTS.

Loudoun County Parks & Rec contact information

What do you do if a facility attendant doesn't show up for a practice or game, or a facility is unexpected closed?  Text Message the P&R Cell 571-233-0424.

What do you do if the weather is bad and you want to see if practice or a game is cancelled?  Call the Loudoun County Sports Cancellation Line at 703-454-0011.  You may also sign up to receive Loudoun County Citizen Alerts to your email or cell phone.  CLBL will post status updates on our Website and Social Media Feeds - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well (based on the information provided via the Loudoun County Sports Cancellation Line.)


The home team wears WHITE and sits to the left of the score table (as viewed from the scorekeeper's perspective).  The away team wears BLUE and sits to the right of the score table.  Why?  The scoreboard controller has the home team buttons on the left and the away team buttons on the right - so seating the teams in proper orientation limits the possibility of confusion while updating the scoreboard during the game.

A t-shirt may worn under a jersey; however, it MUST match the jersey or the game officials will likely ask that the t-shirt be changed or removed altogether if a shirt change is not an option.

No person under the age of 18 shall be allowed to serve as the official scorebook keeper or timekeeper without PRIOR approval from the CLBL Board of Directors.

Players may have closed pop-top water bottles with water (i.e. not sports drinks, iced tea, soda, etc.) in them for practices and games.  No other food or drink is permitted in the gyms.

Players may not wear jewelry during games for safety & insurance reasons.  The officials will make your sons and/or daughters remove any jewelry before the start of the game, so it's best to just leave it at home.

A help sheet for those keeping the scorebook, as well as training videos for running the scoreboard and keeping the book, have been included below as well.