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Contact Us

CLBL is run by volunteers that serve on our Board of Directors.  The Board meets monthly, throughout the year. 

You can contact any of the board members via the e-mail addresses listed in the following tabs, or via postal mail at the league's mailing address (also included below).

President David Kirk
Vice President, Basketball Operations Rob Vieyra
Vice President, Basketball Logistics Noel Green
Vice President, Member Relations Dan Faules
Secretary Maureen Kirk
Treasurer Elwood Jackson
Director, ES Coaching Kevin Zubroski
Director, MS Coaching Joe Delaney
Director, HS & Travel Coaching Chris Elardo
ES House Program
Director, ES Boys Program (Boys 1st & 2nd Grades) Nate Hoffman
Director, ES Boys Program (Boys 3rd & 4th Grades) Kevin Zubroski
Director, ES Boys Program (Boys 5th Grade) Joe O'Malley
Director, ES Girls Program Dan Faules
MS House Program
Director, MS Boys Program (Boys 6th & 7th Grades) Joe Delaney
Director, MS Boys Program (Boys 8th Grade) Jesse James
Director, MS Girls Program Jesse James
HS House Program
Director, HS Boys Program (Boys 9th & 10th Grades) Mike Pittsman
Director, HS Boys Program (Boys 11th & 12th Grades) Noel Green
Director, HS Girls Program David Kirk
PRCS MS Travel Program
Director, PRCS MS Travel Program Jim Rogers
Assistant Director, PRCS MS Travel Program Josh Cross
Assistant Director, PRCS MS Travel Program Chad Ehrmantraut
Assistant Director, PRCS MS Travel Program Chris Elardo
Youth Coaching Program
Director, Youth Coaching Program Earl Eck
Assistant Director, Youth Coaching Program Joe Delaney
Co-Director, Equipment April Haaland
Co-Director, Equipment Mike Pittsman
Evaluations & Drafts
Director, Evaluations & Drafts Noel Green
Assistant Directors, Evaluations & Drafts Billy Donnelly
Assistant Director, Evaluations & Drafts Chris Elardo
Director, Referees David Kirk
Assistant Director, Referees Chad Ehrmantraut
Director, Scheduling Mike DeMonte
Director, Tournaments Billy Donnelly
Director, Uniforms & Apparel Maureen Kirk
Director, Communications Karen Cotton
Director, Community Relations Justina Mitchell
Director, Conduct & Discipline Noel Green
Loudoun Basketball Charity Classic (LBCC)
Director, Loudoun Basketball Charity Classic Josh Cross
Assistant Director, Loudoun Basketball Charity Classic Chris Elardo
Director, Registration (Registrar) Karen Cotton
Director, Social Media Dan Faules
Director, Sponsors Maureen Kirk
Assistant Director, Sponsors Justina Mitchell
PO Box 1164
Leesburg, VA 20177-1164