Q: What happens when my son/daughter doesn't make a travel team?
A: If your child is not selected to a travel team, he/she will be able to play in the House league.  It is very competitive and extremely fun.  Players that are not selected to travel teams will remain in the house league draft pool.
Q: My son/daughter is nursing an injury.  Can he/she be evaluated?
A: We will ask you to contact the Travel Director in this situation, so your son's/daughter's options can be assessed.  We do expect the player to be present at tryouts, and will do our best to accommodate some safe level of assessment, if possible.
Q: My son/daughter is only interested in House League.  Should they attend these tryouts?
A: No.  Only players intending to participate in the PRCS Middle School Travel League should attend travel tryouts.  If your child does not have interest in playing in the travel league, even if they qualify, they do not have to attend travel tryouts. 
Q: Is there any additional cost for Travel?
A: Yes, all new players selected to travel teams will be required to purchase travel uniforms.  Each player will be issued a single reversible uniform.  Coaches may also choose to have their players acquire shooter shirts, and additional accessories will also be available for individual purchase.
Q: My son/daughter played travel last year.  Can he/she use the same uniform this year?
A: CLBL has altered its travel uniform program to permit re-use of travel uniforms year-over-year; individual components can be purchased if your child outgrows them.
Q: My son/daughter registered for House but would like to be evaluated for Travel.  What should I do?
A: All players register for middle school house league, and the top performers from evaluations are invited to participate in travel tryouts.  The percentage of players invited will be determined by overall enrollment.