Q: Is this a tryout?
A: This is a skills evaluation to help coaches properly slot players into the draft in order to achieve the best mix of competitive teams.  It is not a tryout in the sense that no 'cuts' are made - if you've paid the fees and your child is eligible, your child will have a place in the house league.
Q: Should my player attend the skills evaluations if he/she is injured?

A: Yes, definitely, if they intend to play.  This gives the coaches a chance to assess your child's athleticism and interest, and discuss the injury.  He/she should participate where and how you feel comfortable without risking further injury.
Q: Can I register or pay at skills evaluations?

A: No - registration must be completed and all payments made prior to skills evaluations.
Q: If I am waitlisted, should I attend skills evaluations?
A: No - you cannot attend skills evaluations unless you are fully registered.
Q: When is the draft?
A: Typically, player drafts are held in mid- to late October.  After the draft is complete, you will be contacted by your child's coach after team rosters have been finalized.