Q. When are the practices held?

A: House league practices are held on weeknights (Mondays - Fridays) between 6 pm and 10 pm at local middle and elementary schools; teams will share courts, and house league coaches can opt for a single 90-minute practice or two 60-minute practices each week.  Travel teams have one 90-minute practice on a weeknight and one 90-minute practice on Saturdays on a rotating schedule.  Practices are subject to school blackouts, and may periodically change time and/or location.  Your coach should notify you of any practice schedule changes.
Q. When are the games played?
A: Youth House League games are generally held Saturdays between 8 am and 10 pm.  Games may be played on weeknights if there is an odd number of teams in a particular division, and weeknights may also be used for the rescheduling of games due to gym closures caused by inclement weather.  Games for the high school leagues will be scheduled on Saturday afternoons after 4 pm, and on Sunday afternoons between 12 noon and 9 pm.  Regular season games for the middle school travel league are played on Sunday afternoons.
Q. When does the season run?
A: CLBL offers a winter-based program for our house league programs (elementary school, middle school, and high school) as well as for the travel program.  The season begins in November and runs through March. The last basketball event in which the league participates is the Loudoun Basketball Charity Classic all-star tournament, which is played in mid-March.
Q. When can I register and how do I register?
A: Registration for all CLBL programs begins in July.  Registration for house league (and by association, for the PRCS middle school travel league teams) ends in early September, and high school house league registration closes in mid-November after the conclusion of HS winter sports tryouts. All registration is done online via SportsEngine at this site. Registration fees for the elementary school and middle school house programs as well as for the middle school travel league are $160; registration fees for the high school house leagues is $140, reflective of the lower number of games played in those leagues.
Q. Who can play in the Central Loudoun Basketball League?
A: CLBL is for boys and girls grades 1 through 12 who reside in the Heritage High School, Loudoun County High School or Tuscarora High School attendance districts that are currently enrolled in school. Any child who resides in the these High School attendance districts but is attending private school, parochial school, or is home-schooled is eligible to participate in CLBL.  We do allow players that reside outside of our feeder districts to play CLBL, with the caveats that a) such players are not eligible for financial assistance and b) in-district players will receive preference if we have to reduce teams due to lack of coaches.
Q. Does my child have to attend public schools to be eligible to play?
A: No ... as noted above, as long as you live in one of the attendance zones listed above and your child is actively being schooled, he / she is eligible to play in CLBL.
Q. How are the divisions structured?
A: The divisions for both the boys' and girls' leagues are structured around grade level.  On the boys' side, each grade level is its own league, as shown below:
B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6
B7 B8 B9 B10 B11 B12

On the girls' side, the leagues are structured somewhat differently, as shown below:

G1/2 G3/4 G5/6 G7/8 GHS

Depending on enrollment, the combined age groups may be separated into individual divisions. 

Travel teams are offered for each middle school (Simpson, Harper Park, Smarts Mill) with the following structure ...

Boys 6th Grade Travel
(only 6th graders eligible for selection)
Boys Junior Varsity Travel
(only 6th and 7th graders eligible for selection)
Boys Varsity Travel
(6th, 7th, and 8th graders eligible for selection)
Girls Junior Varsity Travel
(only 6th and 7th graders eligible for selection)
Girls Varsity Travel
(6th, 7th, and 8th graders eligible for selection)


Q. What is the Travel Program?

A: The travel program is an advanced-level, select program offered to kids in the 6th - 8th grades.  Our travel teams are formed for boys and girls by middle school (Simpson, Harper Park, Smarts Mill) and play in the Loudoun County PRCS Middle School Travel Basketball League against middle school teams from around the County. Travel teams are selected on a tryout basis and players are charged an extra fee for uniforms, etc.  More information about the travel program is located on our Travel page.