TRAVEL LEAGUE - grades 6-8
Loudoun County Parks & Rec oversees the travel league, however players must register with their respective leagues based on where they reside.  Each middle school in Loudoun County may have six travel teams (Boys 6th, Boys 7th, Boys 8th, Girls 6th, Girls 7th and Girls 8th) that compete against the other Loudoun County middle schools on Sunday afternoons. CLBL travel teams represent Harper Park MS, J.L. Simpson MS and Smart's Mill MS. 

This league is designed for more competitive play and is more of a select  style league. The Travel League is administered by PRCS not CLBL, and unlike House League roster spots are limited and playing time is not guaranteed.

Players may only try out for the middle school they attend. If they are home-schooled or attend private school, they may only try out for the middle school in the middle school district where they reside. Click Loudoun County Public School Attendance Boundaries.

Coach Selection: List is pending as well as a description of the process.

Rules for 2012-2013: Posted.

Schedules, Standings and Rosters for 2012-2013: Will be available On PRCS Sportability site

Game Reporting: Click here and select your league.

Uniforms: The uniforms are $125 for 2 shorts and 2 Jerseys (home and away). Size information is available. The Jerseys run a  little Small and the shorts are unisex so they run  big.